Some suggestions for the Mac version (in no particular order):
1. Font sizes are small making it difficult for people with poor eyesight. (I donít think this can be changed via in the Accessibility pane in System Preferences but I could be wrong.);
2. The ability to specify a path to a non-library based backup copy of the project which would be automatically backed up at the end of a session.;
3. Reduce/consolidate the number of managers, perhaps via a tabbed interface. Alternatively or additionally provide an ability to save and call up particular configurations of windows;
4. Give more control over which columns are included in Excel output and add the ability to export a text file;
5. On the code forest provide a command to expand or collapse all and allow it to remember its last state on opening; add a search field to the code forest window;
6. Provide a simple means of importing a code list rather than the existing pseudo-survey import workaround method;
7. Provide a wizard for importing survey data;
8. It appears not to be possible to enter a quotation number in the format n:nn into a query;
9. Move search box on managers or alignment of drop-down so menu can be clearly seen;
10. Enable find and replace in memos.