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    Lightbulb Editing word cloud

    Hi! New user here, using version 8.

    I'm excited about the use of the word cloud function. My data is in the form of interviews, which means that "Interviewer" or "Interviewee" appears on every line and are obviously the largest words on the word cloud. How do I omit these words from the cloud? I have read over the quick start manual given for version 8, but it doesn't tell me any details, simply refers me to the full user manual. Version 8 doesn't seem to have a full manual, so I read over version 7 and those instructions do not work. I see in version 8 where there is a box to check to "use stop word list" but I cannot find where to edit the stop word list.

    Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Hi, you can find the stop lists for different languages in

    C:\Users\[WINDOWS USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Scientific Software\ATLASti.8\Stopwords

    Hope this helps.

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