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    Question code document table: the column total differs from the individual cells

    Hi there,I'm using Atlas.ti version 1.0.51 (403) for Mac.I've noticed that - when using the code document table - the sum total of data in a column doesn't seem to sum up right, whilst the row totals are represented correctly. E.g. I've grouped my documents in 3 sectors (that represent the sectoral background of the organisations I've been researching), the codes were grouped in 3 different control patterns, in oder to asses which control pattern is dominant. The CDT looks like this:
    Control patterns non-profit profit public Quotations
    consultation-based 197 29 16 243
    content-based 43 4 3 52
    context-based 87 5 16 108
    Quotations 234 32 23
    One can easily notice that the quotations in e.g. the column 'profit' should add up 38 instead of 32. Perhaps I've overlooked an explanation in the manual, or in dr. Susanne Friese's book (2nd ed), but I'm really wondering how this can happen... Any suggestions?Derek.

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    This is a bit later - but maybe others will read this post as well. The numbers do not add up as there is a difference between the # of 'codings' and the # of quotations. You can apply 2 or more codes to any given quotations.

    If you have applied 2 codes to one quotation, you have 2 codings (and this is what you see in the cells of he table) and 1 quotation. So every time multiple codes are applied to the same quotation of the codes you have in the table, the sum of all codings will be different from the sum of all quotations.
    Dr. Susanne Friese
    Qualitative Research & Consulting

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