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    Disconnect between Windows and Mac versions: Importing Codes Using Memo

    When I used the Windows version I was able to import codes from a list I made in Memo. I am unable to find the same functionality in the Mac version. Does it exist or do users have to individually type code names.

    Also, does the Mac version allow users to import xml from reference managers. I see Windows users have that option.


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    Yes, code import would be very useful.

    There is a rather clunky workaround using a pseudo-survey import.

    First put the codes and comments into the top row of an Excel spreadsheet. (You need to look at the Mac documentation on 'preparing an excel table for import' for the correct syntax.) Then fill the second row underneath the codes with some arbitrary text. Do not add further rows to the table.

    Import to Atlas.ti using the 'Import Survey ...' command on the File menu. Then, delete the imported document. The codes remain.

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