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    Creating new HU in one folder and documents are in other folders


    I have created a new HU. I have gone to "add documents" and then search for the folders where my word documents are (I'm working in a PC) and the folders are empty.

    For example, I have a data analysis folder with my HU new project. Then I have two folders--teacher interviews and principal interviews. I open my New HU select "add documents" search for the teacher interview folder which has 20 word doc transcripts there, however there is nothing there when i go to search for docs and add them.

    There are three different coders, coding different transcripts. I would like to create three HUs for each coder and pull in the documents that they will be coding. However, the documents aren't there, when I go to add them. I know it is something simple that I am missing here. I am not sure the best way. Do I create a master with all the transcripts up until now and copy bundle and then unpack bundle selecting the documents I need for each individual HU? OR is it best to create a "team library" that each coder can pull up and add in their assigned documents form there?

    Thanks for your help!

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    it could be that your PC cannot convert the documents into rtf files (the format ATALS.ti 7 is using) because of a missing converter. You can batch convert your doc files by selecting the following option:

    Documents / Data Source Management / File convert service and convert your doc files to rtf files. Then you should be able to see something when you select the add document option.

    You can work with the standard My Library. This is not a problem. As you described it, you can set up three projects and only add those documents that each coder is supposed to code. Save the projects as copy bundle files and send the copy files to your team. If you have a list of codes already, I would also add those codes already.

    Ask each team member to create a user account under the Tools / User Management menu and to log in under their name before they start working. This needs to be done on each individual computer. This is not something you can set up.

    When the coders are done coding, you merge the three sub projects into a Master file.

    kind regards,

    Dr. Susanne Friese
    Qualitative Research & Consulting

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