I'm having trouble figuring out how to work with a team of analyzers with the same Hermeneutic Unit. So far, we have decided to create a shared folder in Google Drive, where we upload/download the HU's Copy Bundle. The thing is, this is very uncomfortable, because it implies that every analyzer has to un-bundle, work on the HU, save, bundle, then upload again and replace previous bundle. Plus, we have to take turns to use the HU, because we can't work on it simultaneously, given the risk to erase other's work. So, in this context, my question is: is there any other way to work with the same HU in a team? I also thought, is it possible that everyone has their own HU, and then, when we're finished creating codes, to merge or import all codes to a common HU (this would be wonderful), so that everyone can analyze in their own times and rhythms? Any other solution is equally welcome!
Thank you very much