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    Unhappy Atlas 8 and folders management

    Hello everyone,
    I'm a long time user of Atlas TI and I was eager to switch to version 8. However, this version doesn't allow to save the hermeneutics in the folders of my choice. Worse, one file contains all my projects. This is a very poor technical choice. First, I work with three computers and I imagine the mess when I export the unique "container" from computer A to B then to computer C then B again, etc. It is unmanageable. I need to have the hermeneutic of a project in the corresponding folder and on Onedrive in order to have my machines synchronized. Second, I understand that I lose all my "projects" when the unique container comes to be corrupted. Third, this unique container will grow up indefinitely and soon or later it will slow down my operations.

    Of course, I can do a daily backup. I also know that letting the user to choose its folder is in the cards. Unfortunately, in regard of where I'm for the doctorate, I have to make a choice within the next weeks and for the next two years left:

    • Go with a competitor right now
    • Go on with version 7, but the license will expire in September 2017 and I will have again to look for another provider with the burden of exporting my work into the new software if possible.

    So the question is: is there someone in my situation and who found a trick, any solution an end-user could apply that shortcuts the way Atlas Ti 8 save the projects ?

    That's a pity and I'm very disappointed. In fact, I still wonder how developers came to such a decision

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    There seems to be a major misconception here, much in need of clearing up:

    Your method to "centralize" or "mobilize" your project data via a cloud drive in ATLAS.ti 7 was contrary to all official recommendations and, in fact, put your data in severe peril. We explicitly *warn* against the use of cloud drives in this way as such drives are, by their very nature, not "archivally safe," i.e. they do not store data as securely as ATLAS.ti requires them to be in order to work reliably. While your setup may have worked for you, there is absolutely no guarantee--to put it drastically--that your project may suddenly be corrupted beyond repair tomorrow--there is no prior warning, and not much of a remedy! In other words, we discourage you or anyone from this type of setup.

    With the exception of the abandonment of the "physical" HU file, nothing has really changed in this regard in ATLAS.ti 8.

    Hence, what you describe as major deviation from a previous course or approach is merely the continuation of that same established and tested practice.

    It may interest you that we are considering alternatives to this approach and will, at some point, introduce a more "flexible" data storage structure in the future. Please stay tuned to our web site, newsletter, and social media channels for current news about ATLAS.ti.

    Hope this explains it.

    All the best!

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    Hello. I thank you for your detailed explanations. You have a point when you say that I shouldn't use a generic cloud storage solution. Indeed, the two competitors I shopped recommend as well to work on the local drive. Maybe in the future, you could offer a cloud storage dedicated to the management of HU. Some companies which offer very specialized applications do that. See for example Drawboard PDF for engineering professionals.

    That's said, I'm still worried in the long run about this unique container which grows up as I add hermeneutics. It could be damaged as any other kind of file and put all my projects in peril. Have a nice day.

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