I encounter a problem each time I am using the code manager or the quote manager to locate quotes/codes in a PD in Atlas.ti V8.

If I click on a code and it has only one quote, the corresponding PD will open and will very quickly go to the location of the coded quote before then returning to the beginning of the PD. The same thing happens when I click on a quote in the quote manager.

If a code is linked to multiple quotes, then I can open the full list of quotes, dock it, and click on each individual quote, which will then take me to the correct location in the PD, without returning to the beginning of the PD. So this solution works if you have multiple quotes per code. If I want to find the corresponding passage for a quote with only one code, I have to search for it through the Navigator. And there is no way to move from the quotation manager to the corresponding PD location.

Is there any way to fix this bug? It's very annoying because it makes the retrieval of codes/quotes very difficult and burdensome.

Thank you in advance