I am the administrator for a project for a team of 3 other people in addition to me. Two of my teammate uses Atlas for Mac and I and my other colleague use Atlas 7.5.18. We started the project and I exported it to a transfer bundle for Mac. My colleague with a Mac opened the bundle successfully and worked on it. In the meantime, I have uploaded additional transcripts into the project. Much to my dismay, I just learned that I can't combine her work with what I have done to expand the project. I figured I would send her the updated bundle in Mac format (.atlpac) and she could at least merge what she has done with the updated (and more complete) project. Unfortunately, we'll have to complete our analyses separately, but at least we will be working from the same source material. However, as I read the documentation on this forum, it doesn't even look like she will be able to merge her own work with the revised project. Is there a way for her to merge both versions of the Mac project so that she does not to have to repeat all of the work she has done so far?
Thanks. Cathy