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    Make super family into a new project

    I have a project with a lot of small PD's. I coded a subset of the PD's and made a super family of all the documents that I coded. Now I want to make a whole project that is just the coded subset without all the rest. I can't copy bundle due to the idiosyncracies of my project and library (discussed and resolved earlier from tech support). How can I make a new project from just the coded documents and their codes? It should be easier to export than it appears. (v.7.5). At this point, I'm creating a new super family that is (not)the coded family and hoping to just delete that super family and save. Is there a better way?

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    I suggest the following:

    create a copy of the project (save as)
    open the document manager
    sort the documents by number of quotations - this way all uncoded projects = 0 quotations are listed together. Highlight all those and remove them from the project.

    kind regards,

    Dr. Susanne Friese
    Qualitative Research & Consulting

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