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    Sorting output reports by document name (not ID)

    Is it possible to sort output reports by document name? I would like to produce both simple code reports and more complex query reports with quotations, where the quotations are ordered by document name (participant UIDs appended with interview #), instead of document ID (which are fairly random).

    This should be simple, but I can't find a straightforward way to do it. If there is a workaround that's not too onerous, I'm willing to try it.

    I have over 100 documents (30-60 min interview transcripts of 1-3 interviews with each of 48 participants). I'm using Atlas.ti 8 for Windows and have a research assistant using Atlas.ti for Mac.

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    no, unfortunately not. It used to be possible to rearrange the order of the documents. And this feature will be implemented again. Right now, the order of the documents is determined by the order you added them to your project. And once added, you cannot change it anymore.

    I tried whether you can influence the sort order in the report by sorting all documents by name. This however is also not possible, at least not at the moment. I hope this will come with the update to 8.2 (8.1 is already close to release time and it cannot be added anymore).

    Dr. Susanne Friese
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    Thanks. At least I know not to keep trying. I'll add it to the suggestions board.

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