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    Are there advantages to using plain text versus Word documents in Atlasti version 8?


    My dissertation consultant advised me to convert Word transcripts to plain text before adding them to my project. She worked on an old version of Atlas over 10 years ago though. But when I added a plain text transcript to Atlas it doubled the spacing a lot and made it not practical to code.

    Does anyone know if there are advantages to using plain text in version 8 for windows? If so, what would they be?


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    Hi - plain text was standard and necessary some 15 years ago, but there is no need for that whatsoever today.

    ATLAS.ti 8 supports Word, Open Office, .rtf, .pdf etc. for text formats natively. So conversion to plain text is not required in any way.

    For details, please see the program manual at

    For questions or problems, feel free to contact our Support Team any time:

    Hope this helps.

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