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    Codes are being saved but not appearing in the right margin.

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to Atlasti in general and version 8 for Windows specifically. However I have taken the training course and am about to start coding.

    Is there an easy answer to why my codes are being saved but not appearing in the right margin along with the vertical lines of the segment chosen? What happens when I create a code is that a black box with the words "Open Coding" or "In Vivo Coding" flashes on the bottom of the screen. The only place I can view the codes after creating them, on the document, is on the left hand margin under Codes.

    There are a few other odd things happening as well. For example, after creating a comment a message appears "this command is currently disabled" but the comment appears to be saved because I can be see it after that when I view the codes. Any recommendations about these glitches? Or maybe my settings are preventing me from seeing codes? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi Lynn,

    I am new to Atlasti (version 8) as well, and I struggled with the same problem as in your first question. Recently, I discovered that codes do appear in the right margin but I can see them only when I enlarge this right margin and making the document field smaller. Maybe that could work for you as well? Or don't they appear at all?

    I do not have an answer to your second question, my apologies.


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    Hi Maria and Lynn, please feel free to contact our Suport Team if you run into problems or have questions. They are always ready to help you, and through a variety of channels:

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