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    Teamwork with Atlas.ti version 8


    I am new to Atlas.ti in general and recently started working with version 8.
    I was looking for a way to share a document with one of my research supervisors, in order to be able to both analayze a transcript.
    Does anyone have an idea how to do this in version 8? (note: my supervisor has a different version of Atlas.ti). I have saved one of the documents as a project, exported this and then send it to my supervisor, but she could not open it.
    We have solved it for now by her reading the transcript from my laptop, but I was wondering whether there is a way for me to save my documents in such a way that my supervisor would be able to open them?

    Thank you in advance for your help. My apologies for any language mistakes, English is not my first language.


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    Hi, you probably find the necessary information in the program manual (; see the "Team Work" section. - If for some reason you run into problems or have questions, please contact our Support Team (

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