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    Coding in-text as well as per document


    I am new to the forum and to v8 (directly from v6 ) and I was wondering if I could do the following with the latest version: I need a regular set of codes (about a dozen, in my case) for in-text segments; but also, since I am (better said, we are - a large-ish team) working with thousands of documents, to use two taxonomies of around a hundred of items each to classify the documents, i.e., code per document as it were (essentially, these are two distinct lists of meta-tags at the level of the documents themselves).

    The main issue, as I see it, is that, since the two big taxonomies I want to use to classify the documents with/in have many items, I also want to keep them apart from the regular set of codes (and from each other - they care a category set, and a subcategory set, in fact).

    Any idea how best to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Dear Liviu,

    you are looking for two things - import a list of codes. You will get this option in the upcomging version 8.1 (in around 1 month - early September).

    the second option you are looking for is to group documents. This can be done in the document manager or the document group manager. Currently there is no option to import an Excel table to classify document by groups (named families in version 6). In version 6 you did not have the side panels in the managers. It is actually quite easy to create groups. Maybe all documents that belong to a specific group have something common in the document name. If so, you can this in the search field, highlight all resulting documents and move them per drag & drop into the side panel to create a group.

    Dr. Susanne Friese
    Qualitative Research & Consulting

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