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    Change date of creation in document manager


    Is there any way to modify the date of creation of a document in Document Manager?

    Context is as follows: I want to be able to order the documents by the date they were originally produced (e.g., date of publication for articles). I have all this metadata in Excel, but on importing it is transformed into quotations (code is something like 'Date of publication').

    One solution would be to edit the (Date) Created in the Doc Manager window, either in the software as such, or in the .atlproj file (then open the bundle with these changes). Any way to do either of these things?

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    no you cannot modify the creation date. Based on your explanation, I wonder why you write it is transformed into a quotation "date of publication". I assume that you use the Import Survey option. You can format the Excel table as such, that "date of publication" is turned into a document group. For this to be useful, you probably have to think of meaningful date ranges to group (month or year) - otherwise you will get too many groups. In order to turn the date information into a group, you need to enter a : as first character in the date column Excel (see how to prepare survey data in the manual).

    You do not write which version you are using. In version 7 you can move the documents to any position you want via drag and drop. This is not implemented in version 8 or the Mac version yet, but will be again. Often it is useful for a user to be able to decide where a document should be and not having to accept the default order, which is in alphabetic order and sequence of adding documents to a project.

    kind regards, Susanne
    Dr. Susanne Friese
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