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    Search for phrase in Atlas.ti 8?

    Is it possible to search for a phrase (not just individual words) throughout all the documents in a project? In A7, it was easy; you just started searching one document, and once it finished searching, it would ask if you wanted to continue searching all the documents. Now, in A8, it looks like I can perform a text search documents two ways:

    1. Open a single document and use Ctrl-F to search only that document. In this function I CAN search for a phrase, but ONLY within that one document. (I have over 100 documents, so searching each individual document would be very time consuming.)

    2. Use the "Search Project" tab. Typing a phrase into the Search Term box results in every instance of any word in the phrase. I tried using double quotes, single quotes, single or double carets (<>), and forward slashes, but none render multiple words a phrase. In this function I CAN search multiple documents but ONLY individual words, not phrases.

    Am I missing something? Thanks.

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    Hi, activate GREP - then you can search for phrases as well using the project search feature.

    kind regards, Susanne
    Dr. Susanne Friese
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