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    Help re-connecting HU with primary docs

    I'm trying to help a colleague reconnect an HU to its primary documents. Coding was completed on the HU a couple months ago. My colleague has all the primary docs, but unfortunately the docs can't currently be accessed from within the coded HU -- so when I try to create a copy bundle, the system doesn't include documents in the package.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've tried to sort of hack it a few different ways, such as putting copies of primary docs in various locations where I hoped they might get recognized, but so far nothing has worked. (This is using Atlas 7.5.18 btw)

    Below is an example of how things look on the accessibility report:

    P26: Example_DocName.rtf {24}
    Source: Doc_22
    Source reference: <My Library>"C:/Users/Example_UserAlice/OneDrive - Example_Org/Shared/Example_Subfolder1/Example_Subfolder2/Example_DocName.rtf"
    Source location: ditto
    Last accessed: "<LocalManaged>/Example_LooksLikeSomeSortOfHash/{Example_LooksLikeAnotherHash}.atldoc" (10//21//2017 08:53:27 AM)
    Revision: n//a
    State: loading rejected
    Problem report: source not available (check document sources table at: Doc_22)

    Datasource Doc_22:
    Used by: P26: Example_DocName.rtf
    Location: "C:/Users/Example_UserAlice/OneDrive - Example_Org/Shared/Example_Subfolder1/Example_Subfolder2/Example_DocName.rtf"
    Managed location: C:/Users/Example_UserBob/AppData/Roaming/Scientific Software/ATLASti/Repository/Managed Files/
    Reason: There is no data source for the document in the managed library
    MD5 hash: Example_LooksLikeThirdHash
    Data size: 145300
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    Please see the following document; it explains in detail how older versions of ATLAS.ti handle your documents and it provides detailed instructions on how to remedy problems with missing PDs:

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