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    Auto coding - palabras compuestas o expressiones

    Me dirijo a usted pues tengo una duda com el auto coding.

    Voy a descrbir lo que me pasa

    Yo necesito buscar palabras solas como: transporte,fluxo, velocidad y tambien palabras compuestas como: tráfico motorizado, no motorizado, rede de transporte.
    Yo hice una lista con estas palabras en word asy: transporte|fluxo|velocidad|tráfico motorizado|no motorizado|rede de transporte

    La figura anexa muestra la descripcion de la accion de insercion en Auto coding

    Pero el auto coding no marca las palavras compuestas. Que estoy haciendo mal? hay otra técnica para buscar estas palabras?

    Agradezco mucho su ayuda

    Muchas gracias,
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    Dear Laura,

    I translated your message with Google - so I understand what your problem is. It actually is something we overlooked when we implemented a new option. This option is that you can find two words in a given context. E.g. if you enter 'transport network' and set the scope to paragraph, it will find all paragraphs where the word transport AND network occurs. So an empty space is interpreted as AND.

    And this is what is causing trouble in your case.

    This is the search string in English:
    transport | flux | speed | motorized traffic | non-motorized | transport network

    What you need to do is to add regular expressions between the compound words so that the empty space is interpreted as empty space. The regEx for this is (backslash)s - I cannot type the backslash in this reply as sign as it will be removed as soon as I post it from the editor. In your searchterm you need to use the character and not the word.

    transport|flux|speed|motorized(bacckslah)straffic| non-motorized|transport(backslash)snetwork

    for all supported regular expressions.

    kind regards, Susanne
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