Sorry to start a new thread, but, I didn't save the earlier message that
addresses the desirability of being able to edit text without
jeopardizing the referential integrity of all codes/quotes. I
understand the problem of editing text given the way Atlas-ti stores
code/quote information based on line number. However, if a coding
option was added in which one could select the entire paragraph--instead
of selecting individual lines--then the Prolog notation would only have
to reference the paragraph number. Any text could be changed within the
paragraph without interfering with associated codes/quotes. While this
would limit more fine-grained coding , it would add considerable
flexibility to Atlas-ti for those of us whose projects entail the need
to add and edit text on a regular basis. Besides, when it comes to
coding, it seems that most information is communicated by an entire
paragraph; anything more fine-grained and one loses necessary context.

Is this an easy fix Thomas?


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